Effective at a distance

Online offerings PRIMATE 2020: building a new everyday life

2020 created an unexpected playing field that asks us to find new ways to be effective at a distance. For this reason, we have prepared an agile and light online offer which is quickly activatable, modular and directed to all collaborators and managers.

For each of the topics you will find in this section, we offer to you:

60′ or 90′ webinars, focused on practical and simple advice to be implemented immediately, supported by neuroscientific research, chats, surveys and very brief moments of direct experience

90′ individual and team coaching corners (individual or for groups of up to 12 people)  to deepen a topic of particular interest and discuss solutions

Towards the “New normal”: navigating between stress and emotions

Even before COVID-19 we were confronted with sudden and intense changes. Today, it is even more essential to redefine our ways of living and working.
How can we recover motivation, hopes and the possibility of having an impact especially when we operate remotely?
We can suggest you how to do it. Thanks to neuroscientific research, we explore how we work in stressful situations, and we offer you tips on how to navigate in uncertain waters, training the physical, emotional and cognitive dimensions in a balanced way.

Presiding and redefining our borders

Remote teams, digitalization, internationalization and smart working test our external and internal borders.
How can we improve the way we use time and space?
There are many ways. In the webinar we rethink rhythms and work spaces, balancing them with personal ones, to preside over the new normality.

Maintaining and building relationships despite the distance

We are wired for sociability, but we live in an increasingly virtual world, and Covid is pushing us more and more towards smart working.
How can we feel relationally close to people in situations of physical distance?
If the company and the manager must guarantee tools, knowledge and a psychologically safe environment, it is up to people to open up to satisfy the need for interaction. We provide you with tips and tools to make long-distance relationships authentic and engaging. 

Distance leadership

Until a few months ago, only 3% of the population worked remotely. Today, everything has changed and the command & control model is showing its limits.
How can we rebuild our leadership and reinvent ourselves as leaders?
We help you to support and guide your collaborators from a distance, overcoming the limits of the digital dimension but also taking advantage of its opportunities.


Remote communication

Technically rather complex, remote communication is proving tiring and sometimes even frustrating.
Should we give up on relationships when we work remotely?
We say it loud: no. In the webinar, we provide you with concrete and simple suggestions to guarantee clarity, warmth and attention to the interlocutors despite the screens.

Team building event

We have stopped traveling freely, we cannot shake hands and look each other in the eyes when we want to.
Should we therefore give up the pleasure of being together and the team spirit?
And why on earth? We have built moments of interaction for teams in digital logic, to offer you moments of lightness that revitalize the team and support its performance.

Team learning session

An experience becomes a “value” if we dedicate time and attention to elaborate it.
Why should we give up the learning that experiences can give us?
Let’s not allow it. Working on the data of reality or starting from metaphors, we can distill the heart of the experience, making a profit without wasting anything.

Working smart and mindfully

Smart working: we do more, but often it takes away too much energy.
Can we maintain -or even increase- our attention without effort, even surfing with agility, tiredness and stress?
Attention is like a muscle: it strengthens with training. A course of four sessions to exercise it and above all to keep at bay what creates distraction, inside and outside us.

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