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Observing, listening, catching weak signals to act, seize opportunities and avoid risks. All are basic human skills, that the contemporary world underestimate compared to the action-reaction model, to the prevalence of telling and asserting oneself instead of listening, to act quickly on the basis of tested patterns.

That’s very good in repetitive, stable, structured contexts. But in a constantly evolving environment you need to be alert and to explore, stop, bring out all that is new and give meaning to it.

And if you aim to make the world a better place, you have to think in a systemic way, to anticipate your choice consequences, to strive to realize all the linked benefits. All this requires an authentic connection to our self (resources, sensations, feelings), to other people and to anything around us. Here and now. 

Only through a high-quality connection we can reach a full consciousness, a full-alert mind and senses, and so activate the potential to serve the evolution. Because mindfulness allows us to be open to continuous change, in a trusty, non-judgmental way, establishing transformative relationships that discover an effective area where our evolutionary purpose can be realized.

Two are the areas where we propose mindfulness:

  • a “basic” programme, aimed to  revitalise mind and senses disposition to open up, listen, observe, be attentive. This can reduce stress and let transformational energies get across ourselves
  • specific programmes in support of specific competencies: leadership, systemic thinking, conflicts generative coping, decision making, cooperation, innovation


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