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Listening for business

The organisational evolution’s greatest enemy is to be self-centred. You plan, give objectives, and then focus just on those and push to obtain them. Sales force rushes in its pushing action. Everybody in the world wants to sell something.

As clients, we know it very well. From what our devices receive, from telemarketing that breaks into our lives at any hour.

At the same time, as clients, we know that it’s very difficult to go into a store, a branch, meet a supplier and feel that we have been listened to. Thinking about which of our purchasing experience, consumer or b2b, gave us satisfaction and led to loyalty, they are the ones where we’ve been listened to, understood for our needs, and not pushed by someone who wanted to sell something.

What about admit that listening is what brings others to open?

We define listening processes that change business approach in sales forces and in headquarter.

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