> > Proposito evolutivo (Evolutionary purpose)

Evolutionary purpose

Organisations have always known that having  ashared purpose and values makes them stronger. In the past, this aim has been translated into mission, vision and values, usually designed by the top and then lowered upon the entire organisation (with specific programmes to overcome the “resistance to change”).

Today we have positive examples of how a clear and genuine purpose creates an attraction field that allows supply and demand to meet, in business and in labour market.

Purpose is the result of the matching of demand and vocation.

It’s one of the most important criteria to select employees and suppliers.

Externally, it says clearly what the organisation wishes to give to community. Internally, gives direction to people, allowing their purpose to be put at one’s organisation service, if they are in harmony.

In organisations focused on purpose integrated into strategy, profit follows (Organizzazioni che si muovono di vita propria).

If you wish to take this direction, we can ignite processes

to identify your organisation evolutionary purpose.

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