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Talent management: assessment and evolutionary paths

Assessment center and Individual Assessment

Potential evaluation through Assessment Center and Individual Assessment, on which we’ve decennial experience, gives the organisation an outside glance that, when correctly used, helps finding the best match between people and organisational needs.

To involve effectively large populations, we decline them in a “lean” concept, sharing with the participants results and steps to enhance their potential. We give the organisation incisive individual and collective reports, using technologies to obtain many new points of views on involved populations.


Evolutionary path

When vertical growth paths become just individual career paths, are still they at organisation’s service?

A single one growth makes sense if let grow the entire organisation where that one operates. In vertical and horizontal paths it is crucial that people keep evolving through learning, improving and contributing to others growth.

We design together the map showing the people life-cycle paths, transforming them in evolutionary paths for them and their stakeholders, either they’re launched horizontally or vertically.

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