Surviving Meetings


Are you tired of “as-is” meetings? Would you like to get straight to the point, understand, solve, and finish them and still have some positive energy to spare? If so, then this book is for you.

Today we have too many useless, continuous and often inconclusive meetings both in-person and online. Too many participants, excessive costs, wasted energy and opportunities: more effort than satisfaction.

Would you like to have just useful meetings, ones where the set goal is known beforehand and achieved in the defined timeframe? Would you like to come out of a meeting with more energy than when you walked in, and with the feeling that you and your colleagues are going to succeed, even better that you can even raise the bar?

For sure, it is not always easy to succeed. But it is possible: you need determination, a desire for well-being and a meaningful professional life, and also you need new tools that enable you to work differently. In this volume, we introduce you to TheMeetingCircle: a truly profitable method for organizing meetings, a method resulting from the most avant-garde developments in international organizations and with the contribution of neuro-science.

The book contains a kit that will help you design meetings in a fun way, turning them into smart meetings in just a few steps: finalization, focus and flow, achieving the best result with the least effort, Psychological Safety.

However, we need to warn you beforehand. If you use TheMeetingCircle in your organization or with your team on a daily basis, your approach to problems and relationships among colleagues will also begin to change: you’ll see both people and culture evolve.

The reason being that meetings can unite energies and intelligences together. And in doing so make the heart of the business pulsate.