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Organisations were born to copy with enormous challenges of the past: lack of resources, illnesses, natural disasters, need to involve thousands of people without mass media, need to plan and control the industrial machine. The “pyramid” structure is ancient but, although we constantly feel its limits (silos, low accountability, performances below expectations), it still seems essential to us. Though based on modern processes and corrected by projects over and over again, the same problems constantly recur. Einstein said we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that has created them. During human history, mind-set and organisations’ evolutionary leaps have always gone hand in hand. But today, world shift is faster than our vision and organisations’ one.

To stay continuously connected to change, we should find new structures. There isn’t a “best model”, but the model that suits better what we want to realize. So it’s utterly important to be totally aware of the external context and not self-centred, and to be ready to evolve vision and organizations model if the actual isn’t helpful for our plans.

Finally we’ve to keep in mind that organizations may be inhabited by passions and meaning, may be the places where anyone’s purpose can find an end addressing clients and their communities’ needs… Or not.

We support culture, architecture and processes evolution towards a cooperative and efficient model. We’re partners in reinventing Organizations

Processes design “how”, so they orient the way of thinking, of doing, of relating to people.

In organisations we daily see how often current processes create and make problems worse, instead of help us to solve them. We support organisations who want to evolve step by step too, without altering at once their organisational backbone right now, co-designing their most critical processes in accordance with their current evolutionary stage needs, creating the opportunity to catch their vital boosts, allowing organisational culture to evolve.

Our offer for organizations

I processi disegnano il “come” e quindi orientano il modo di pensare, di fare e le relazioni tra le persone.  Nelle aziende tocchiamo con mano tutti i giorni quanto spesso gli attuali processi generano e peggiorano i problemi anziché aiutarci a risolverli. 

Accompagniamo anche le aziende che vogliono evolvere gradualmente, senza modificare in questo momento la loro architettura organizzativa portante,
ridisegnando con loro i processi più critici in modo coerente con le necessità del loro attuale stadio evolutivo,
creando l’occasione per catturare le spinte vitali che le abitano e le attraversano,
facendo evolvere la cultura organizzativa.

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